Our Story/Motivation

As a mother of two toddlers, I have experienced difficulty finding counter/fast-relief medication at the exact time i need it. I have personally experienced, and seen people especially over the age of 50 have a difficulty remembering what an over-the-counter medication they bought a while back is for. We would love to keep you updated when we launch. Drop your email below to stay informed.

💭💊This initiative was started to help store over the counter (Fast relief) medications in a more organized manner, thus addressing the three main issues below.

Medication Errors

This can happen with our baby boomers when they do not remember what a medication bought a while back is for or mix up meds


Ever misplaced your fast relief meds or bought the same thing twice because you could not find it when you needed it? Eventually they all expire and contribute to the tons of medical waste

Stay Organized

Aren't you tired of looking at your cluttered unattractive medication cabinet? Optimize your storage space with MedAid Caddy

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